My Buddy and My Wife 1
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My Buddy and My Wife

Author: Dan

Not a day went by when I didn't think about living out my hottest fantasy. I wanted to suck a cock and spend some time with my sexy buddy from the soccer club, but was never sure how to go about it. Until one day he was having his carpets cleaned in his unit and didn't want to be around while the workers were there and then he felt that he needed to let it air a bit before staying there. My wife and I both agreed that he could stay and I decided to take the day off and spend a bit of time with him. He was having the day off as well, so we were going to catch a movie or something to kill the time.

Sitting close to him at the movies was awesome, but very hard. Brad was very good looking and he really turned me on, but I didn't know how to approach him with how I felt. It worked out later that he had the hots for me too, but didn't know how to share his feelings with me...

That night my wife Sharon made us a really nice dinner before she had to disappear for a night out with the girls from work. She said she wouldn't be too late and if they got bored they knew where the XXX rated videos were…and on that note she left us to it. With the night quite warm, I suggested we have a dip and then maybe take Sharon's advice and watch one of our movies.

Brad agreed thinking it was a great idea. He stripped exposing his muscular body and the thing that I noticed most about him was his massive limp cock. I was suddenly very envious but at the same time I felt I needed to have him, to taste his meat, to play with the head as it grew in my mouth.

As I was watching him I stripped down and when I looked up I noticed that he was glancing at me and he mentioned how good my shaven balls looked… I casually explained to him that Sharon usually looked after my balls. The feeling as Sharon shaved them was pretty erotic, often leading to heated sex afterwards. I half joking suggested that we get Sharon to do it for him when she arrived home from her night out. What Brad said next not only shocked me but aroused me at the same time.

"Could you do it for me now so I can see what if feels like when we take out dip in the pool?" he asked…

While his question took me by surprise, I said… "What the hell, as long as you swear that you will not tell any of our mates about this"…

Brad agreed and I went to the bathroom, grabbed a new razor and the shaving lotion that Sharon and I use on each other. We headed out on to our private decking, I had him sit on the sunlounge that we usually use for shaving our private parts and I knelt beside him on one of the padded cushions. I encouraged Brad to spread his legs for me so I could get to his balls easily, that was when I got my next shock for the day… His cock was larger than I thought and he had a thick dark-brown bush and his balls were very hairy indeed…

Wow it was the best-looking cock I'd ever seen and it was displayed well on Brad who was a very handsome… Brad looked up at me while he waited for me to begin and I instantly found myself getting a hard-on.

I squirted some lotion into my hand rubbing them together until the lather was soft and fluffy. I tried lathering his balls but his massive prick kept getting in the way so I closed my hand around it, holding it so I could see what I was doing. As I did so my cock grew hard as a rock and I was nearly hoping Brad wouldn't notice how aroused I was becoming. I managed to shave his balls smooth before getting him to lie back on the lounge so I could smooth shave his ass too. While I was shaving his anus, he took his cock in his hand and slowly stroked it…

Just s I was cleaning him up Sharon came through the back door and onto the decking with a big grin on her face. She was home already and Brad and I hadn't even had a swim yet. I thought she would be mad at us for playing around and me shaving Brad, but then I noticed something a little unusual, she was wearing her bikini which meant Sharon must have been standing at the window looking out and watching as I held Brad's cock, shaving his ass and balls…

She knelt down between his legs and checked my work of art to ensure that I had shaved Brad smooth enough. Sharon asked Brad him nicely if she could suck his swollen penis to feel how soft he was… Oh boy this was getting wild. I grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it… Sharon's mouth closed down over his cock before he had any objections….

Brad looked like he was enjoying himself. I was quickly brought back down to earth when I noticed Brad looking at my seven inches, asking me if I had ever let another guy suck my cock before. My heart was pounding rapidly and finally I said, "hmmm had thought about it, but that's about all"… With Sharon bobbing up her head up and down his cock Brad told me to bring my cock to him… we were both hot and horny and with Sharon there working away on his tool it seemed appropriate for him to suck on my knob of pleasure too.

Damn, as he took my cock between his lips and into his moist warm mouth, I almost shot my load. His tongue worked its magic from the tip of my mushroom shaped head all the way down the shaft to my clean-shaven balls, fondly them at the same time… Brad sure knew how to give good head…

Sharon stopped sucking Brad and stood by my side watching my cock slip in and out of Brad's mouth. Having my wife watch my buddy going to town on my knob turned me on even more. Quietly she whispered that we really should move into the bedroom where it would be a little more comfortable for the three of us.

Encouraging both Brad and I to lie on the bed in a 69 position, Brad's cock was only inches from my mouth and I knew I had to decide if I felt right doing this. Instinct took over. I opened my moth wide taking as much of Brad's massive cock into my mouth as I could. I tried to please him, as I knew Sharon pleased me. Soon we were moving almost in rhythm our muffled moans of pleasure were music to Sharon's ears.

She lay next to us on the bed, her dildo slipping in and out of her silky smooth love hole with one hand and the other playing with my ass. Sharon was talking dirty to us telling us how much she loved watching her man swallowing cock… This was too much for me, I cried out I was coming at which point Brad released my throbbing cock from his mouth and pumped me off spraying my juices all over his chest…

Brad still hadn't reached his peak. He was very hard and his cock looked menacingly hard and thick. Sharon told him to fuck my ass… she wanted to see his cock sink into my tight ass hole. I was concerned that his thick pole would not fit, but Sharon assured me that she'd help… Applying lube and anal gel she massaged them into my tight hole, finally slipping two fingers in and declaring that my ass was ready for a reaming that it would enjoy…

Brad knelt behind me and Sharon helped him guide his huge cock up my ass. Her massage worked, it didn't take much for the head to slip in followed nicely by a few inches of his thickness. Sharon demanded he give me a couple of seconds to get used to his size and when she told him to go for it, he did. He grabbed my hips pulling me onto his long hard rod…

Sharon got underneath me taking my cock in her warm mouth and pleasuring me along with Brad. I leant forward burying my face in her pussy licking her clit and as Brad cried out that he was about to cum, Sharon climaxed too and I followed shooting a wad of hot creamy cum down her throat.

Brad pulled his cock from my tight hole… we were exhausted but somehow Sharon convinced us to take that dip and come back in for round two, she wanted both of us at the same time before Brad and I fucked again… this time I would be buried deep inside his ass…

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