Swimming Lessons 1
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Swimming Lessons

Author: Dan

Wow, there she stood… Right before my eyes she was a beauty to behold…. She stood proud and tall, trim but muscular and oh so hot and horny clad in a white bikini which I should add is very see through when wet and she was dripping from head to toe. The sex goddess who I was admiring was my swimming teacher Pam who, in her late 40's has long blonde hair tied in a ponytail is tanned and oh so very sexy.

Mature and homely older women rock as far as I am concerned. They know their sex and they know how to give the best blowjobs or deep throat on horny males who crave their attention. Pam's almost see through bathers revealed her trimmed pussy hair hiding a mature pussy hot and inviting…

My favourite fantasy was almost a dream where I would slide my cock between her mature pink pussy lips before fucking her hard with my 9 inches of hard steel that I was trying desperately to hide in my Speedos.

Damn, Pam's looking straight at me, and I knew then that I was caught out as she called me over to the pool. I tried to hide my protruding bulge as I walk towards her and relieved when she acted like she didn't notice at all…

Saying nothing, Pam had me lie on my back and float on the water, I tried so hard but my feet sank to the bottom. She was by my side in seconds, her right hand under my back and her left supporting my ass cheeks resulting in my cock rising to attention once more and this time I couldn't hide my growing cock from her… I looked down and noticed I was larger than ever…

"Oh my," she said as her face turned a nice shade of red…

"Looks like you have developed a little problem, I think we should work on that growth for you," she smiled coyly at me.

"Meet me in my private change room in about 5 minutes, ok"…

I never really knew why I never had swimming lessons when I was growing up, and now that I was 19 years old I realised that I had waited for this day, to see Pam alone was like a gift that was just waiting for the right moment in time and not only that but seeing her to help relieve my cock's sudden hardness.

When something exciting is about to happen I move fairly quickly and today it took me less than three minutes to get from the pool to her private change room near her office. Ever so quietly I almost crept inside, but I wasn't silent enough cause she called me straight into her little office.

She caught me a little off guard as she pulled me to her and my head resting against her mature but firm breast. I could hear the beat of her heart as Pam wrapped her hand around my growing cock. In one swift move, she pulled down my Speedos revealing the biggest hard-on I had ever seen and she knelt before me taking my cock into her mouth.

The wild sensations were almost too much as she wrapped her tongue around my pulsating pecker. She nearly had me crying out from the pleasure that was running through my young mind…. Pam wouldn't let me drop my load… not like that… She got up off her knees, took my hand and led me across the room to the bench…

The bench was almost in the middle of the room and on either side there was enough room to rest your legs. She told me to lay flat on it before straddling herself over me giving me the hottest view I had only dreamed about. Her mature pink pussy was just above my eyes and as she lowered it down, she told me to make use of my tongue and giver her sweet cunt a good licking and not to miss one drop of her honey nectar.

Pam ground her pussy against my mouth and nose before bending forward and sucking me deep into her mouth again. I could feel the head of my throbbing knob hitting against the back of her throat. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and began stroking and sucking me until I started thrusting up into her mouth heading towards a wild orgasm…. But she stopped just short of me exploding in her mouth.

Instead Pam climbed off me… she smiled at me especially when I began licking her juice from my lips. Kneeling on the floor in front of me showing me her cute ass, I knew then what I had to do…

It was like I was in one of those hardcore movies that I managed to see when my parents went away for the weekend… I knew exactly what I had to do…. Kneeling behind her, I sank my thick cock deep into her hot pussy and banged her hard.

I thrust my hips forward, fucking my sweet mature swimming teacher harder and harder until she begged me to stop. She moved away a little and quickly got to her feet. Pam shocked me a little with her speed She positioned herself so that she was leaning back against her desk with her legs spread wide, her pussy dripped with honey nectar as she called me to her once more.

Putting her legs up over my shoulders, I moved forward a little until my cock slipped into her hot juicy cunt right up to my balls. I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her to me pumping harder and harder and within minutes she cried out as her pussy clamped around my organ as she sprayed her sweet nectar over my cock.

It shocked me a little but she didn't stop… pulling my enormous penis from her twat she stroked me fast and hard… my balls were on fire as I exploded showering both of us with wad after wad of hot man juice…

I leant forward and held her in my arms and before I knew it, my mature love told me it was time to shower and head back to the pool for more swimming lessons…

This time I was looking forward to her gentle touch in the pool…

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