The Dentist 1
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The Dentist

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"Who's next, Sunnie?"
"A Mrs. Page, she's a new patient," Sunnie Muren said, then glanced at the clock. "She comes in at 2:00 o'clock, doctor."

"So?" Doctor Jim Hyde said as he tossed his used dental tools into the stainless steal sink. They would be sterilized in the autoclave later. He washed his hands and turned to face his assistant.
"I leave at noon today, did you forget?"
"Yes, I did. See if she minds not having a female nurse present. Most don't care one way or the other."

"They obviously don't know you," Sunnie giggled.
"True. Give her a call now."
"Yes, Doctor," Sunnie said, picking up the phone.
"She doesn't mind. And get this," Sunnie said with a twisted smile, "she wants to be sedated."
"I don't think that's wise."
"Normally I'd heartily agree, but I remember her, I talked to her before. She wouldn't even make an appointment until I told her you have sedation on hand."
"Well I'm not exactly a sex maniac, I can get all I need from conscious women."
"You certainly do. It's a good thing that you take home a doctor's salary, otherwise you couldn't afford them."

"Hey, I don't pay for it."
"The hell you don't. I paid the bills for that redhead you dated, Miss Baylor."
"What bills?"
"Taxi, dinner at Andre's seven night in a row, a charity dinner at the playhouse for 100 dollars per plate... should I go on."
"No, I get the picture. But I'm worried about a general sedation, there should be three people present."

"I'm sorry, but I can't get out of this. School play. I would recommend that your rape the hell out of this patient, then get sued. It would be cheaper than most of your dates."
"Don't you have somewhere to go?"

"I'm going. Have fun," Sunnie said, grabbing her purse and pushing through the glass door.
Dr. Hyde puttered around the office, checked the mail in the cluster of white boxes on the corner, then sat and read a golf magazine. He got up in disgust and began putting his dental instruments in the metal tray used in the autoclave. He twisted lever and turned on the machine. He turned and looked at his offices. He had three treatment rooms, no waiting. He could prep two patients and work on a third.

Also, Sunnie was more than qualified to do cleanings, so the three chairs were just what he needed. He was doing well. He was happy, Sunnie was happy, and the community was happy with the job he was doing. Of course it wasn't hard, when he had such a memorable name as Dr. Hyde, and his only competition was Dr. Willoway, aka "the butcher".

The last thing he wanted to do was mess up his happy life with a law suit.
"Yes, miss..."
"Mrs. Page, Anne Page. It's nice to meet you," she shook hands quickly. Dr. Hyde tried to shake off his astonishment and compose himself. Anne Page was one of the hottest blondes he had ever seen. She exemplified the word "cute". She wore her hair lose, it cascaded down her back and shoulders and shimmered when she moved. She was wearing a thin summer dress of a chiffon type material, that came down to just above her knees. Her slender legs ended in black high heeled shoes. He was stunned.

"Sunnie said I could be sedated," Anne said quietly. "I'm afraid of dentists," she whispered.
"Me too. Do you want to be aware of your surroundings, or wake up when it's through?" he asked, trying to sound casual. Half of his mind was screaming, "NO SEDATION", the other half was equally loud in proclaiming "GO FOR IT". He waited in horror, dreading the answer.

"I don't want to feel a thing. Put me under and wake me when it's over," she said with a nervous smile.
"Ver... very well," he stuttered.
"Is that a problem?"
"It's risky, without an assistant to monitor your vital signs, but if you don't mind, I can manage," he said airily.
"Oh, wonderful," she gushed, laying a hand on his arm. He tried to smile, while escorting her to the chair.
"Where does it hurt?" he asked, leaning her back in the chair and repositioning his light.
"Right here," she pointed.

"That would be the right upper molar, either the second or third," he said, looking closer.
"Please, can you sedate me now. I'm very frightened."
"Sure," He pulled the bottle of nitrous oxide closer, placed the mask over her face, and turned it on. She began to blink. He retrieved his stethoscope, parted the upper part of her blouse, and listened to her heart. When her eyes fluttered open he turned the gas up slightly. She was deeply sedated in seconds.

"Well," Dr. Hyde said nervously. He looked up at the clock, then down at his patient, before turning quickly away. He took a paper bib and laid it over her chest, then retrieved his syringe which was prepared with pain killer. He hated to use it on a generally sedated patient, but it was better that way. In case she woke up, she would not be in pain. He hooked an aspirator to the corner of her mouth, opened it wide and began injecting sedative into the gums.

Dr. Hyde smoothed out the filling with his pick. He laid his tools on the tray and surveyed his work, before pressing the stethoscope to her chest. She was breathing slowly and easily. Her heart was strong, if a bit sluggish. He had taken a calculated risk and won. The patient was safe and happy. Now if the board never found out about his little breach of procedure with the general sedation...

Dr. Hyde watched the slow intake of breath. Her ample breasts rose and fell beneath the thin material of her dress. They looked soft and beautiful, he noticed, licking his lips. Hell, it wouldn't hurt to look. She would be out for at least 15 more minutes, if he'd read her vitals correctly.
He went to the front door of his office and locked the front door. He took one last look around the rooms, and closed the door to Anne's room.

"Well," he muttered. "What now?" He wiped his hands on his pants and advanced toward the sleeping woman. Shaking, he reached out and touched Anne's left breast. It was soft and pliable against his hand. Her flesh felt abnormally warm to his shaking fingers.

He grew suddenly afraid. If those lovely blue eyes flew open his cushy lifestyle would end in disaster. It just wasn't worth it, he decided, withdrawing his hand.

He checked her heartbeat one more time, then went to the sink to retrieve a wet towel. He slowly wiped her sleeping face of saliva and blood. What an angel, he thought to himself. He cupped her chin in his hand and leaned down to kiss those cherry red lips. Her lips were marshmallow soft. Of course this was partially due to her relaxed state during sedation. All muscles turned soft when sedated. Still, it was a very memorable kiss, even if it was one-sided. He lifted his lips and turned to look down her sleeping body. He could almost see her nipples. He had an excellent view of her ample cleavage. She wore a lifting bra which did wonders for a woman's figure.
Unable to resist the temptation, he lifted the material of her dress, then slid a thumb under her bra, pulling it up until he could see the wonderful pink nipple. It was abnormally large. The small pimple-like bumps around the nipple, betrayed the fact that she had children. He hadn't been aware of that. Only breast feeding could give her such distinct features. Of course, if her husband had half a mind, he would be breast feeding on a regular basis.

"My God," he whispered, then quickly looked back to her sleeping face. It was still asleep. He took his stethoscope and checked her heart once more. He watched the rise and fall of her breast. She was still well sedated. She had fifteen or twenty minutes of sleep left. He started to turn and leave the office, but his curiosity wouldn't allow that. He just had to look. Any man who was a man, would have to look.

Dr. Hyde hurried down to the foot of the chair. His skin prickled on the back of his neck, he could feel a thousand eyes watching him. It was his imagination, of course, three were no windows in the office. Taking a deep breath, he reached down and folded back the hem of her dress. Folding it several more times reveled a silvery pair of slender panties which looked like they belonged to a fifteen year old girl. They hardly fit her, but it must have been the fashion. It was a thong, if he remembered right. Yes, that was it. It looked wonderful on her, but this one was pinched between the lips of her pussy. He looked for several minutes. His cock was raging hard, his hands shook like a schoolboy's. He wanted to touch those dark, magnificent lips so badly. But he was so afraid. If he went that far...

"Mrs. Page you have a lovely pussy," he half sang, and half mumbled, taking the tune from a beatles song and mangling it beyond all repair. He looked at her long slender legs, now fully revealed. She had the most amazing body he had ever seen, and as Sunnie had observed, he had seen many. Of course he didn't fuck every woman he ever dated, but he did fuck most of them. None were even close to Anne.

"Oh shit, what am I doing?" he gasped, looking at the sweetest pair of legs on earth, which ended in an absolutely perfect blonde pussy. He leaned closer and inspected the wrinkled lips of her pussy. She was shaved, which left a dark area around her pussy. The only actual hair was far above it. He knew this was the fashion too, it allowed a woman to wear a bikini. He hesitated only a moment, before he reached out and lifted her thong out of her pussy. It looked delicious, and Dr. Hyde was a firm believer in eating pussy. It was the only form of foreplay he enjoyed. He wasn't big on kissing, but he loved to eat a good pussy. And she certainly had a good one. He leaned closer and sniffed.

"Oh my God," he whispered. Suddenly he remembered Sunnie's words, and his conversation. He saw himself with his nose in a patient's pussy, as if he was seeing it from outside of himself. What the hell was he doing? his mind screamed at him.

He pried open her pussy lips with his thumb and looked inside. There was half an inch between her clit and the top of her pussy. The pee hole was located between the clit, and the vulva itself. He had not noticed that before. Now that he thought of it, he had always believed that a woman peed from their clit, since it looked like a small cock.

Her aroma was delicious, exactly as it should be. It was all he would expect from the pussy of a healthy young woman.

He pried open her vulva and found it to be juicy. In fear he looked up at her face, then her slowly moving chest. She was still asleep, but turned on all the same. Was she having a wet dream? No, patients didn't dream under heavy sedation. She must be unconsciously reacting to him.

Dr. Hyde sniffed again, then felt his lips being magnetically drawn to the glorious blonde pussy. The first contact was electrifying. He felt an electric shock through his lips, or maybe it was his imagination. He kissed them again. Her pussy was so warm. He sucked it gently, then opened her lips and licked her liberally. He half expected her to moan, but she didn't. She didn't move at all.
Dr. Hyde licked his lips in appreciation. He was shaking so badly that it was hard to hold her pussy open. He pushed the thong aside. It slid into the crevice between her leg and her body. He concentrate on her magnificent womanhood. God, what a beautiful woman, he thought to himself. He no longer asked himself what he was doing, or why, it was beyond his control. He would eat her sweet sleeping pussy and be thankful for the opportunity. Starting now.

He gently pried her legs open, spreading her knees, and laying one foot on the floor to make room for his body. He leaned on the hard cushion inside his dental chair and moved around until he was comfortable. Anne's pussy was pressing against his nose.

He lunged forward and engulfed her pussy with his open mouth. She tasted so delicious. She must have taken a bath just before she arrived, or used a douche. Maybe she anticipated his breech of protocol. Maybe she didn't mind, he thought, trying to assuage his conscience.
He slid his tongue up inside her and wiggled it. He then slid it in and out, tongue fucking her while sucking gently. He got a wonderful abundance of curiously flavored juices, which he savored, then swallowed. His eager tongue flashed through her sleeping pussy lips, finding every bit of sweet flavored moisture. He had eaten over a hundred women, but Anne was unique. She was sweet and flavorful, where other woman had been slimy and a bit fishy, in some cases. Anne was wonderful.

"Uhm, yes," he heard her say in a sleepy voice. He licked her diligently for a moment, then remembered in horror that she shouldn't be moaning. She should be sleeping. He jerked away in horror and looked up at her face. It was sleeping, but animated. She was licking her lips. Her closed eyes were fluttering rapidly.

Dr. Hyde pulled her thong back into place and closed her legs gently. He rolled down her dress and brushed it so it looked more natural. In haste, he bolted around the chair and hurried to the restroom. He closed the door and locked it, before dropping his pants. He took his penis in hand and began stroking it. He could still taste Anne's unique flavor on is lips. He held his hand to his nose, sniffing Anne's scent, where her pussy juice had run down it. He flailed at his cock with a desperate fist, with visions of Anne's sweet pussy in his mind. He visualized her open legs and the dark skin around her pussy. He remembered the golden gleam of her crotch, in the harsh neon lights of his office. She somehow sunbathed nude, he realized, remembering the uniform area around her pussy, where not one tan line marred it's heavenly surface.

Moaning in anticipation, he felt his ball churning with a liquid heat. He stiffened and moved faster as his orgasm neared. In sudden passion, he clamped his hand down around his cock, then jerked spasmasticaly as his cum began spurting from the end, and into the toilet. He gasped, trying not to shout, until his cock finally stilled and began to wilt. He pulled out a handful of paper towels, wet them and washed his cock. He pulled his pants back up and washed his hands, then hurried to the front door and unlocked it. A quick check of the parking lot showed only his car and Mrs. Page. He sighed in relief.

Whistling happily, he went back to the examination room, to see Anne feeling her pussy. She looked up in embarassment and closed her legs. Dr. Hyde could only watch in horror, waiting for the accusations.

"I'm sorry," she said, coloring. "I made love to my husband just before I came here, and I can still feel the effects," she whispered in embarassment.

Dr. Hyde nodded in relief, then his eyes bugged out as he remembered Anne's strange taste. Now he knew why it tasted so strange. He grabbed his throat and turned quickly, running from the office. He made it back to the bathroom just in time. He vomited for several minutes. He stood, feeling miserable. The memory of her words made him begin vomiting all over again.
He finished, washed his face and took a drink of water. Trying to compose himself he returned.
"Are you alright?" she asked in concern.

"Oh sure, I'm fine. Just a touch of the flu."
"I thought you were gay," she said with a nervous laugh. "You ran out when I mentioned... well never mind. Do I need another appointment."
"No, you've had quite enough," he said, trying not to vomit again. She nodded, brushed her dress down and left with the click of her high heels echoing out of the building.
"I will never eat another pussy again," he swore as he angrily tossed dental instruments into the stainless steal sink. "Never!"

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