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» The junk yard bitch
A illustrated sex story about outdoor sex. mmf, Threesome, 2 cocks sucking, 2 way fucking, pussy fucking, mounth fucking, anal sex and more.

» Hot company girls
By David Shaw | Published 09/7/2006 | Fetish stories , Illustrated sex stories , Lesbian stories |

A illustrated lesbian sex story about 2 hot girls, who liked lingerie, fetishes and many more!
f/f lesbian sex story, pants, lingerie, bots, tits licking, ropes, fetishes, sex toys, etc.

» Breaking Her

3d illustrated porn story about cock sucking, cum eating, hardcore fucking and more.

» Bed Spread

A illustrated m/f porn story about having sex with stranger.
Niches : Panties, lingerie, fetishes, sex toys, pussy licking, cock sucking, hardcore fucking...

» Beach Bags
A illustrated porn story about 2 girls, which bags was stollen from the beach. When girls looking for bag - his find something better...
This story containing panties, Threesomes, Group sex, Cock sucking, pussy fucking, 2 ways fucking, 2 cocks sucking, cum eating.

» Asian Appetite
By Admin Robert | Published 09/5/2006 | Illustrated sex stories , Adult stories |

A illustrated 3d porn story about teen sex.

» Threesome
Illustrated porn story about sexy girls and boy, who liked to have sex threesomes. Pussy fucking, cock sucking, lesbian pussy licking, lesbian kiss, mff sex and much more at this story!

» Three for all
Illustrated story about pussy licking, girl fucking, lesbian pussy licking and group sex (mff).
Sarah tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at the sign. I was desperate to stop, I would have taken a well built teepee. The sign simply said "lodge"...

» Melia's Education
Illustrated fetish story about teen girl learning, spanking, voyeur, fetish and cock sucking and cum swallowing!

» The Oh, Honey! Suck off Shoppe
By Admin Robert | Published 09/5/2006 | Illustrated sex stories , Blowjob stories |
On the other side of town, secreted speak-easy style behind a well-patronized tavern, hosts the wild "Oh, Honey Suckoff Shoppe".
Illustrated story of one blowjob!

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