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Illustrated sex stories
 100% free illustrated sex stories archive.

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» Trifesta

A illustrated porn story about Trifesta. Sex  toys, pussy licking, cock sucking and more...

» Teen 3d girl
By web legal | Published 12/31/2006 | Illustrated sex stories |
A hot 3d illustrated story about fucking.

» The Sniffer
My co-blackmailers call me the sniffer...
A illustrated fetish story. Ropes, sex toys and more...

» Insecurity check
I was walking past the security checkpoint in my apartment block's underground car park when I was stopped by the guard inside the cubicle... A m/f illustrated sex story.

» The captain
"You know this mission is volunteer only right?" The Captain asked her. "Yes, sir." She answered and nodded...
A illustrated group sex story about Sally and 3 guys.

» Brian wife
"Are you sure about this honey?" Shelly asked. Brian kissed his wife and laughed. "Are you serious?" Shelly grinned. . . OK. . .silly question...
Illustrated sex story about wife and husband who shared pleasure with family friend girl.

» They were always horny.
They were always horny. Didn\'t matter where or when, they were likely to start playing with each other if the mood struck them. Marla and Ruthie couldn\'t keep their hands off each other. So it wasn\'t a shock to their friend Adam when they started getting all hot and heavy on the roof top of his apartment building.

» Lana had a definite taste
Lana had a definite taste for the finer things in life...
A mmf illustrated sex story about Lana and two guys...

» Mr Spraycan - case 4
By David Shaw | Published 11/30/2006 | Illustrated sex stories , Blowjob stories |
A roleplay illustrated sex story about cock sucking, pussy fucking and cum eating.
It's too late to try fighting us off, Julie...

» First threesome
a free ffm illustrated sex story about Danny, Suzy and Angie!

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